Thong Bikinis

If you would like to bare more skin while lounging on the beach or by the pool, then perhaps you should consider wearing thong bikinis for your summer outings.  These swimwear are very revealing and sexy.  The front of the bikini bottom usually provides only minimal coverage, while the back reveals your butt cheeks.  If you are daring enough for this kind of summer outfit, then go ahead and purchase several pairs so you can show off your fabulous body.  Just beware that not all public beaches and pools allow the use of this kind of swimsuit.  Be sure to check the rules before you go on your beach holiday, or just bring some more modest swimwear or cover-ups so you can easily change if necessary.

thong bikinis

Deciding whether or not to buy

These thong bathing suits are usually worn for aesthetic purposes.  They are meant to make girls more noticeable.  Of course, you can also swim in them, but they will not be the ideal outfit when you want to enjoy a game of beach volleyball.  Before you purchase this two-piece, you should first think about the activities that you are going to do at the beach or pool.

In case you are not comfortable with baring much of your top, but have no problem at all with wearing thongs, then you should pair it with a tankini.  This would be more modest, but will still make you look very sexy.  When deciding whether to purchase this type of swimsuit or not, ask yourself if you have the guts to wear one.  If you would only feel self-conscious, then perhaps you should consider getting something that provides more coverage instead.

Caring for your swimwear

To make sure that your swimsuits would last a long time, you should wash them by hand instead of just throwing them into the washing machine along with your other clothes.  This way, you can make sure that your beach apparel are protected from any wear and tear that a washing machine can cause.  You should also ensure that the detergents you use on them are not harsh.  Just wash them with a mild formula, or stick to using baking soda if you want safer alternative.  As for drying your bikini tops and bottoms, it would be best for you to hang them on a clothesline instead of putting them inside a dryer for a spin.  This way, you can preserve their shape and elasticity.